If your clients lose their tax savings…
who are they going to blame?

Worried? You should be.

Being a trusted adviser to your Clients requires a solid relationship based on trust, knowledge, and service. To continue in this role means you must learn the ins and outs of the recent healthcare reform legislation. Some provisions of the new legislation are in effect already, with many more coming soon.

You must help your Clients stay in compliance.

Is keeping up with the changes presented by the healthcare reform legislation giving you a headache? It’s your responsibility to provide the best possible care for your Clients and keep them in compliance with new healthcare reform laws.

And it’s a huge responsibility!

Your Clients may not even know how healthcare reform legislation affects them. But they aren’t going to be happy if they lose significant tax savings. Your Clients need your guidance now and in the months ahead.

TASC is here to help.

Tackling the issues of healthcare reform will be challenging and time-consuming. However, it must be done— and the sooner the better!

Watch for more helpful information coming soon to this website.

Questions? Call 800-298-2923 or e-mail

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