Be a Big Kahuna: Join TASC in Hawaii

Aloha! Miles of white sandy beaches. Tranquil sapphire waters. Gentle breezes, heavy with exotic floral scents. Breathtaking natural beauty. Ahhh, paradise. An extraordinary destination awaits you on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. Want to join us?

At TASC, we believe in rewarding excellence. Our Provider Incentive Program has been doing just that for more than 12 years! Today, it is one of very few such lavish reward programs in the industry.

Each year our top Providers earn cash bonuses and valuable gifts, join exclusive membership clubs, and enjoy a luxurious trip. In April 2012, our “Big Kahunas” will be on their way to Waikiki Beach in Honolulu, Hawaii! You can be one of them!

Read our full-color 2011 Provider Incentive Program Hawaii Brochure or visit our PIP Trip and Convention Website for details.

Our Provider Incentive Program is our way of thanking you for all you do to make TASC a success. We are pleased to be your partner. We value your time and hard work in building successful relationships with your Clients and serving them with TASC products. This outstanding reward program makes every extra effort well worth your while.

We hope to see you in Hawaii!

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