BTS gives priority to customer help tickets

The week of January 24th was declared “Escalation Ticket Week” at TASC! And just as the month of January winded down, we ramped-up our efforts to catch-up! Resolving a backlog of escalation requests took a team of 40 Business Technology Services (BTS) developers, business analysts, and quality assurance specialists. Thanks to their efforts, the mission was a resounding success.

Our commitment to customer service was evidenced by the dedication and hard work put forth by the BTS department. While the majority of technical issues that were addressed may have made little difference to most of our customers, these matters made a world of difference to those involved.

The team started the week with 56 escalations, including a high priority list of 18 specifically called out by our Customer Care team. By Friday afternoon, 65 bugs were closed (some new bugs were added during the week), with six more fixed and awaiting final Quality Assurance verification before going live on our MyTASC website. In addition, 430 internal tickets were closed during the week.

TASC is a project-driven and customer-focused organization. Hundreds of technology-related requests come in each and every week. This means sometimes tickets of low- to medium-importance must be postponed in development, and the delay is understandable. With Escalation Week behind us, we are pleased to be back on track! We are pleased to continually follow the TASC dictum to serve our customers to the very best of our ability.

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