Jason Lewis

Jason Lewis is host of the nationally syndicated Jason Lewis Show and a published author. In 2011 Jason was named as one of the “Heavy Hundred” most important talk radio show hosts in the nation by Talkers magazine. He writes a monthly column for the Minneapolis Star Tribune and has written editorials for newspapers throughout the country, including the Wall Street Journal. Jason has appeared on nationally broadcast television programs, such as NBC’s Today Show, Fox News Channel, CNN, MSNBC and CNBC.

Jason Lewis is also a BizPlanNOW Client.

By his own account, Jason has been interested in healthcare for a long time. He says our current healthcare system can be traced back to World War II when, in an attempt to slow inflation, the government implemented wage controls prohibiting employers from increasing employees’ pay. To get around the rule, employers started providing healthcare as a form of bonus. Soon after, the tax code was amended to allow employers to deduct the cost of the healthcare they provided for employees. As a sole proprietor Jason was looking for a way to make the cost of healthcare deductible.

“When I went on my own a couple of years ago I sure didn’t want to pay my healthcare bills with after-tax dollars,” Jason remembers. “I did some research and came across TASC and BizPlanNOW. I talked to my accountant and he gave your firm a high recommendation.”

In order to qualify for BizPlanNOW, Jason hired his wife to produce his show, a role that entails scheduling guests, following up on leads, and handling other production elements. “It’s a tough, time-consuming job,” he says.

After hiring his wife, Jason set up a private, high-deductible healthcare plan, which means that he pays a lot of his family’s medical expenses out of his own pocket. “You can deduct your insurance premiums if you are a sole proprietor, but to handle out-of-pocket expenses appropriately you’ve got to go to the experts at TASC,” Jason says. “It’s a wonderful way to save small businesses a whole lot of money. I am a big fan.”

For Jason and his wife, managing their Plan online couldn’t be easier. “TASC makes it simple,” Jason notes. “I just enter my expenses online on a quarterly basis and the system generates a year-end report of my deductions. I take that to my accountant who puts it as a line item deduction and we are ready to go. It’s nice, it’s sweet.”

Although he has never had the need to contact TASC’s Customer Care Department with a service-related question, Jason is impressed with the service he has received from his sale representatives. “The attention to the customer is top-notch and they have been a joy to work with,” he says.

According to Jason his biggest concern with TASC and BizPlanNOW is that not enough people know about them. To rectify that, he has featured BizPlanNOW on his radio program and on his website. “A lot of people are going to higher deductible plans because premium costs are going up,” he notes. “BizPlanNOW offers a wonderful tax advantage that more people could benefit from.”

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