In Command

At TASC, we’re in the midst of our heaviest phone traffic days of the year, and receive nearly 9,000 calls each day. We anticipate a record-breaking month in January with over 123,000 incoming calls! Answering these calls is no problem—thanks to our sophisticated Command Center.

TASC’s Command Center helps ensure callers do not wait long for service. Even on our busiest days, we aim to answer all calls in less than 10 minutes.

To meet the challenge of high call volume, more than 150 expert Customer Care Specialists across the country are ready to serve customers between 8-5, all time zones.  During call spikes our innovative phone technology alerts employees outside of Customer Care, who lend a hand when a customer’s topic is within their area of expertise. We are confident that this proactive technology-team duo will continue to ensure a positive customer experience.

In addition, our interactive voice response (IVR) system allows callers to self-serve 24/7. More than 40,000 interactions will occur through our automated phone system this month alone!

While TASC is always happy to take your calls, you may consider contacting us online as well. Simply submit a MyService Request (from MyTASC at, click Contact Us). Most service requests are addressed within 24-48 hours. For speediest service, please have your TASC ID handy whenever contacting us.

Thank you for allowing us to serve you!

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