Busy Season Results

The phones have been ringing “off the hook” as expected over the last few months, with January being the busiest month of all. Of the 141,629 January calls, 95,146 were handled at the corporate office, while the Baltimore, Birmingham, and Minneapolis regional offices picked up 14,000-16,000 calls each.

Our Customer Care team proved outstanding at keeping up with our service standards, and answered incoming calls in just over 2 minutes on average, over one minute faster than last year. During call spikes our innovative phone technology alerted Subject Matter Experts outside of Customer Care who were able to assist waiting customers. As few as 1,056 calls rolled over to these experts compared to more than 4,300 the prior year. Kudos to TASC Customer Care for owning the calls!

Our customers have raved about our great service. One FlexSystem Client recently said, “It’s such a pleasure whenever I have to call TASC for customer service. No matter who I speak with, they are very professional, very courteous, and if they don’t have the answer, they get the answer. They go beyond helpful.”

One COBRAToday Participant who praised us in writing noted, “You have been a pleasure to deal with during my COBRA time. You answer the phone after not much waiting, and everyone has been very helpful and polite whenever I have called to discuss something. Very refreshing!”

Overall, 2012 was a stellar year for TASC and for TASC Customer Care. Our team served 867,000 customers over the phone (live and interactive voice response system)… that’s 24% more than last year. (And they did it faster than ever while maintaining our high level of quality and expertise!) Furthermore, more than 500,000 transactions were completed via the MyTASC Mobile App and over 87,000 via email and the online MyService Request form.

Our customer base continues to grow significantly each year. At TASC we are equipped to handle the increased customer service needs with speed and professionalism.

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