Important TASC Card update: separate activation step eliminated

New Cash Card

Good news! TASC Cards issued on/after November 11 will no longer require a separate activation step. To activate the card, Participants simply swipe the card for an eligible expense! The card goes live on the first successful swipe!

By eliminating the separate activation step, Participants save valuable time and can use the card immediately for eligible employee benefits expenses. No more calling the activation hotline or going online to activate a card! It’s ready for use as soon as the Participant incurs an eligible expense.

Card activation options via our interactive voice response phone system, TASC Card activation website (, and TASC Card Management page in MyTASC ( will remain in place for Participants with cards issued prior to November 11 but not yet activated.

The TASC Card is the fastest and most convenient way to handle employee benefits expenses. This innovation automatically pays for and substantiates most eligible expenses at the point of purchase, eliminating the need to submit requests for reimbursement. At TASC, we believe in making it easy for your Participants to manage their employee benefits funds!

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