TASC Card moves to MasterCard

TASC_Card_Mastercard-reflectionTASC is pleased to announce a new alliance with MasterCard for our TASC Card services. As the most widely accepted credit card brand in the world, MasterCard is also a leading innovator in the healthcare market, and will better equip us as we work to increase TASC Card use and introduce new card features. The new MasterCard TASC Card replaces the current Visa TASC Card and works exactly the same.

TASC Cards will be reissued to existing TASC Card holders (for AgriPlanNOW, BizPlanNOW, and FlexSystem service offerings) over the next several months. Before we issue the new MasterCard TASC Cards, affected cardholders will be notified via email (and Providers will receive a one-up). Finally, each new card will be sent with an insert of instructions, a Cardholder Agreement, and a TASC Card brochure.

The TASC Card no longer requires a separate activation step, and will be activated automatically upon the first successful swipe.

The TASC Card simplifies the reimbursement process. When Participants incur an eligible employee benefits expense, they simply swipe the TASC Card. The card automatically pays for and substantiates most eligible expenses at the point of purchase, eliminating the need to submit reimbursement requests.

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