TASC launches MasterCard TASC Card program

TASC_Card_Mastercard-reflectionTASC is excited about converting to MasterCard for the TASC Card program. We see our partnership with MasterCard as an opportunity to create new sales and new services that will help TASC maintain its innovative and dominant position in the healthcare card payment market.

We have been working diligently for the past several months to ensure a successful migration from Visa to MasterCard and are pleased to announce the project is progressing well. Approximately 132,000 MasterCard TASC Cards were issued in December as part of the natural new/expiring card issuing process.

Soon all your Clients and their Participants will be able to experience the MasterCard TASC Card.  Here are some important points to remember as we begin reissuing new TASC Cards to our existing TASC Card holders.

  • TASC’s goal is to minimize disruption in the Participant experience.
  • MasterCard TASC Card works the same as the Visa TASC Card.
  • TASC Cards do not require a separate activation step; cards will be activated upon the first successful swipe.
  • Mass reissue of TASC Cards includes core FlexSystem, AgriPlanNOW, and BizPlanNOW cardholders.
  • Acquisition Clients and their Participants will be issued MasterCard TASC Cards as they are migrated to the TASC platform (not as part of the mass reissue).
  • DirectPay and TASC HSA Participants will not get new TASC Cards at this time.
  • Conversion from Visa to MasterCard will continue over several months.
  • TASC Cards will be reissued in waves, several thousand Client groups per month.
  • All Visa TASC Card holders within the migrating group will get a new MasterCard TASC Card, whether their current card is expiring soon or several months from now.
  • Once a card has been ordered, new card information will appear in the Participant’s TASC Card Management page in MyTASC.
  • Visa TASC Cards will be automatically deactivated for cardholders 21 days after their MasterCard TASC Card has been issued.
  • Participants who already have a MasterCard TASC Card should not receive any replacement card(s).
  • Clients and their Participants will be notified via email before their new cards are issued, and Providers will receive a one-up that lists their affected Clients in the wave. An insert with instructions will be enclosed with each TASC Card.

We look forward to the mass reissue to begin the week of February 10.

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