Update – TASC Card Moves to MasterCard

TASC_Card_Mastercard-reflectionHundreds of thousands of new MasterCard TASC Cards have been issued since January 1. And the results have been very positive!

Customers love the convenience of the TASC Card. In a recent survey, one FlexSystem Participant commented, “I enjoyed using the TASC Card debit card. It made life very easy when paying a medical bill.”

Another commented, “Having the TASC Card is an awesome service.”

And yet another said, “I really like the convenience of using the TASC Card debit card for medical related charges/costs. Much easier and such a time saver than submitting receipts.”

Facts to know about the MasterCard TASC Card:

  • Over 50% of our TASC Card holders have been issued new MasterCard TASC Cards.
  • MasterCard acceptance rates are equal to or higher than Visa acceptance rates – Greater than 90%.
  • Over 300,000 MasterCard TASC Cards swipes were made in January and February alone.
  • Millions and millions of dollars are reimbursed to Participants via the TASC Card per month.

New MasterCard TASC Cards will continue to be issued to Visa TASC Card holders over the next few weeks, and all FlexSystem TASC Card holders are expected to have MasterCard TASC Cards issued by March 31. New cards will issued to AgriPlan/BizPlan TASC Card holders in late April.

TASC is pleased with its alliance with MasterCard for our TASC Card services. As the most widely accepted credit card brand in the world, MasterCard is also a leading innovator in the healthcare market, and will better equip us as we work to increase TASC Card use and introduce new card features.

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