TASC to Transition Non-Compliant Plans to a No Limit Plan for 2014

TASC will transition AgriPlanNOW and BizPlanNOW Clients with multi-employee Plans and individual insurance to a No Limit Plan for 2014. This means employees can still be reimbursed for their families’ out-of-pocket medical expenses and premiums going back to January 1, 2014. Their tax savings will remain the same!

The No Limit Plan is a self-funded health Plan that meets all Healthcare Market Reform requirements. There is no limit to the amount of claims submitted. The risk to this type of Plan design is the potential of receiving a high amount of medical claims, written off through your Clients’ businesses, in any given year. This is likely more of a concern to employers with non-related family members.

These Clients will be advised to choose whether they remain on the No Limit Plan or consider changing to a different Plan design for 2015 and beyond in order to limit the liability to their business. They will be urged to contact you or TASC with questions or to discuss their other options for the future.

To learn more about compliant Plan design options, please attend our on-demand online webinar at your convenience at http://bit.ly/TASCwebcast.

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