It’s almost time for your Clients to submit their Year-End expenses

It’s the time of year that you and your Clients start planning for tax season. TASC makes it fast and easy for your Clients to get the records they need with MyTASC Online tools. Here is a link to an Instructional Online Video and another to our detailed MyTASC Online Tool Instructions for your reference.

These tools let your Client download their AgriPlanNOW and BizPlanNOW Year-End Report as soon as they’ve finished submitting all of their medical expenses for the year—and the earlier they have their Year-End Report in hand, the sooner they can schedule an appointment with you—their tax professional.

If you will recall, TASC no longer mails a paper Transmittal unless your Client requests one. If they want us to continue to mail a paper Transmittal form, they have been instructed to complete our Online Wufoo Form or submit a MyService Request online (log in to MyTASC, click on the Contact Us tab, click on the Service Request link, fill out and submit the form). Your Clients need only contact us one time in regard to receiving a mailed Transmittal. If they told us last year that they wanted a Transmittal mailed, they will receive one in the mail this year and every year thereafter.

Your Clients also have the option to download and complete a paper Transmittal: 1) click on Year-End Report from the MyTASC home page or the Year-End Report tab anytime after December 20th. 2) Then simply click on the Paper Transmittal link to open and print a PDF Transmittal worksheet. 3) and finally, complete the form and mail it to TASC.

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