Thumbs up to extended Customer Care January hours

The New Year is off to a great start! As with every renewal season, we’re busy here at TASC. In fact, we’ve labeled this time of year “peak” because the volume of transactions and interactions climbs steeply with many January 1 Plan Year starts.

As always, it’s vital that we meet the challenge to better serve our customers. And this year we added more than 150 employees to our Customer Care team during this important time.

On top of the boost in staff, we extended Customer Care hours to include 8am-4pm CST on the first three Saturdays in January. Thanks to the extra weekend hours we were able to serve over 2,700 callers and 1,600 online service requests. Wow! We are pleased with the outcome and will likely extend hours again during future renewal seasons.

At TASC, our customers really do matter! We continue to work hard to reduce call wait times and serve you more efficiently. We appreciate your business, and thank you for letting us serve you!

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