TASC Celebrates 40 Years of Growing and Excelling

TASC_40th_Logo_RGB_WEBSince 1975, TASC has been helping family farmers, small business owners, and larger employers provide affordable healthcare, retirement planning, and compliance benefits for their families and employees across the nation.

“In our 40-year history, we have been able to help more than tens of thousands of businesses nationwide provide not only their employees, but also their families with essential healthcare, continuation, and compliance services,” said CEO Dan Rashke. “We know that the service offerings we offer have had a positive impact on quality of life for our clients.”

TASC was founded by Dan Rashke’s father, Don, as a small insurance agency in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, near where the family owned and operated a farm. “My father had a very entrepreneurial spirit and that is reflected in the benefits programs we offer and the clients we market to,” said Rashke. “Being the sole proprietor of a farm and then a small business, my dad was passionate about helping the little guy.”

View TASC’s Online History Timeline.
Print PDF of Timeline.

TASC celebrates its 40th anniversary with record-breaking revenue and is poised to hire its 1,000th employee in the upcoming year. The company will have a formal 40th anniversary celebration in March during its Annual Company Meeting & Awards Ceremony.

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