Annual PIP Convention: A great opportunity to learn and network

One of the best parts of our Provider Incentive Program (PIP) is our annual trip each spring. Held last week in Scottsdale, Arizona, the convention brought together our top 48 distributors and several members of our leadership team, along with guests and support staff. It was a fantastic week, filled with opportunities to learn about TASC, network with industry peers, and relax with fabulous excursions in the Sonoran Desert region.

PIP trip attendees received an in-depth look at TASC news, happenings, and innovations during the convention’s general and breakout sessions. Here’s a brief recap.

  • At TASC, we’re all about the AND—grow AND excel; be strategic AND operational. (Read Dan Rashke’s CEO Blog for details.)
  • Leadership additions in Business Conversion and Quality, as well as a new President.
  • Investing millions of dollars in operation excellence to improve people, processes, and technology.
    • Work prioritization: providing the right touch at the right time.
    • Administrative system data and code fixes: improving throughput and quality.
    • Added functionality to COBRAToday and DirectPay administrative platforms: improving the customer experience.
    • New resolution process: solving issues faster.
    • Increased visibility into our performance: showing customers what is happening and when.
  • Enhancing the onboarding experience for all Clients to meet quality standards and increase customer satisfaction.
  • One TASC: making our services work better together.
  • A new document retention and dissemination service offering—coming soon!
  • A new compliance suite for Microbusiness Clients with 2 to 20 employees.
  • Moving into new markets: professional employer organizations, public sector, financial institutions, associations, and aggregators.
  • Filling 15 open sales positions by fiscal year end.
  • Bundled selling and cross-selling techniques and tips.

Divisional sessions focused on topics relevant to their markets and provided interactive time for questions and answers regarding market, service offerings, building distributor relationships, and more.

In further breakout sessions, Microbusiness distributors discussed compliance concerns, the Affordable Care Act as it pertains to small groups, and The HUB. At this go-to resource, small business owners can find answers related to tax-advantaged benefits, changes in Healthcare Reform regulations, compliance, insurance decisions, and more. Meanwhile, Group Providers were challenged to walk through Client scenarios and determine which service offering would be best in each situation. The competition heated up and the winners received TASC Cash cards!

Along with informative meetings, guests were able to partake in the beauty and culture of Scottsdale with excursions to the McDowell Sonoran Preserve, Heard Museum, Taliesin West, Red Rock Country, and more. Scottsdale offered adventure with a Western flair—performing arts, award-winning golf courses, and sophisticated restaurants along with upscale spas, abundant shopping, and Southwest historical sites.

As you can tell, the annual PIP trip was educational and fun! It provided a time to learn, listen, and laugh together. You won’t want to miss next year’s trip to the exclusive Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo, Florida. To learn more, visit

Thank you to our distributors for your continued support and dedication to TASC! Let’s continue to succeed together.

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