Rising expenses mean a modest fee increase for AgriPlanNOW, BizPlanNOW and No Limit Plan Clients

Last fee increase was five years ago.

No one likes to announce a price increase, but the reality of inflation and continuing changes to healthcare reform means we must raise our rates in order to continue to offer you and your Clients the exceptional services and support you’ve come to rely on. The annual fee for AgriPlanNOW, BizPlanNOW and No Limit Plans will increase to $475 (plus $90 for each additional employee beyond the first) in 2016. The last fee increase for these services was five years ago.

Even with the fee increase, the average return on investment for all three Plans remains just under 10% and every Plan includes access to comprehensive business services designed to protect your Clients’ assets and keep their Plans in compliance. Plus these savings will grow each year as medical expenses continue to rise. We are committed to your success and your Clients too! We look forward to continuing to provide you with exceptional service and support. Thank you for choosing TASC.

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