Enrollment season hits new service records

As expected during enrollment season, TASC saw a big increase in phone and service request volumes, and our Customer Care team rose to the occasion.

The team experienced a sharp 78% increase in phone traffic in a three month period, answering 74,990 calls in November and 133,564 calls in January. In addition, 81,395 Participants were self-served through our 24-hour automated phone system in December and January. Even with the increase in calls, our Customer Care team was able to consistently meet—and exceed—overall targeted service levels.

Our Correspondence team lent a hand by processing 95% of emails and service requests (over 41,750 interactions) within 48 hours.

At TASC, we support a flexible and adaptable workforce. Backup teams throughout the organization are trained and ready to jump into action when we experience spikes in calls and work orders. These “Subject Matter Experts” took 2,691 calls during this busy period.

We are pleased to be able to provide top-notch service year-after-year to our customers, and to not only adapt—but to excel—at handling the increasing volumes with ease. We hope we have served you and your Clients/Participants well this season, and we look forward to a rewarding year together.

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