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Client Prospect and Provider Rewards Videos

Our client prospect and Provider Rewards videos have been updated and are available for you to use and distribute. The client video is about 22 minutes long. The Provider Rewards video is probably only 10 minutes long.

Client prospect

Provider Rewards

New AgriPlan BizPlan Client Onboarding Videos

One Employee

Multiple Employees

Healthcare Reform Videos

The intended audience of the video segments shown below is TASC’s Microbusiness Providers.  Although intended for Providers, the message has been crafted in a manner that would be suitable for clients if you wish to share it with them.

Each of these video segments deal with a different segment of the healthcare reform legislation that affects TASC’s customer.  Click on the link below to view the video of your choice to learn more about these changes.

Over-the-Counter Medicine Deduction

Adult Children Provision

Patient Protection Provisions

SIMPLE Cafeteria Plan