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TASC’s new Universal Subscription Agreement is good for three years

Total Administrative Services Corporation (TASC), has released a new multi-year service level agreement to simplify and modernize how we contract and implement our service offerings for larger organizations. The TASC Universal Subscription Agreement (TASC USA) will apply to new clients enrolling in Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs), Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), ERISA, HIPAA, Annual Notices and more.

Because of the nuances related to sole proprietors and other small business owner clients, Microbusiness AgriPlan, BizPlan, and No Limit Plan clients will remain on a one year contract and service level agreement and will not experience a change. This is because it’s unlikely these clients will require the additional TASC services, features, and functions associated with the TASC USA.

The TASC USA delivers proven value for clients who sponsor Group insurance and have multiple employees. The TASC USA:

  • Saves clients’ money by locking in their rate for three years (other than CPI).
  • TASC USA clients can easily add or change services without having to write a new contract.
  • Gives clients access to any and all future upgrades.
  • Save clients time and hassle by not having to shop around annually.
  • Reflects best practices of our industry and provides transparency.
  • Is easy and simple to complete.

With the TASC USA, you won’t have to worry clients will switch administrators after just one year–—in fact, the industry standard for these clients is a three-year term. As an added plus, every time TASC gets paid, you get paid. This Agreement will help you build your book of business and lock in renewal commissions.

Watch for more information on the TASC USA coming soon. In the meantime, if you have questions please contact your Microbusiness Regional Sales Director or TASC directly at (888) 204-3737.


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