In recent telephone conversations, our Clients had these words to say about our new AgriPlan and BizPlan products:

“My plan saved me over $30,000 in taxes over the last 5 years!” Client, Ohio

“For everything that you are doing, it’s well worth the cost.” Client, North Dakota

“I always thought the price was too low to be true anyway.” Client, Rhode Island

“We will definitely renew. We receive too much tax savings not to.” Client, Texas

“I am very appreciative of your services.” Client, Indiana

“I love this plan!” Client, Oklahoma

“We are grateful for your service. The tax savings have kept my business going for several years.” Client, Nebraska

“I like the quarterly payment option.” Client, Ohio

“The fee increase is large, but I see the value of the plan.” Client, Wisconsin

“This plan saves me a lot of money.” Client, Illinois

“The tax savings outweigh the fee by far.” Client, New Jersey

“I get great benefit from my plan. I wouldn’t know what to do without it.” Client, Texas

“The price change is justified with the extra features.” Client, Minnesota

“I was worried that the plan changes would cause me to lose my benefits. Instead the plan ensures them.” Client, Maryland

“I appreciate TASC’s help following healthcare reform changes.” Client, Colorado

“We have saved a fortune over the last 20 years, and are so grateful for your service. Thank you!” Client, Ohio