Universal Benefit Account

Benefits should feel like benefits

As your clients’ businesses grow and their needs change, TASC’s Universal Benefit Account will grow with them. If a business grows beyond a single employee, TASC’s Universal Benefit Account may be a better fit.

Universal Benefit Account is a simple, intuitive way to manage benefits that are designed around how people actually think, rather than over-complicated rules.

We have maximized the commonalities between benefits to minimize the hassle of managing accounts across different platforms. Which means your clients remain compliant regardless of what, or how many, benefit plans they select.

Universal Benefit account is the smartest, most intuitive, most secure way to deliver benefits and its straightforward pricing structure makes it easy to buy and manage. That means your clients have access to features that matter, no matter if they are a company of one or one million.

Accounts selected by small business owners
The most common accounts that are elected by our small business owner clients who do not sponsor Group insurance include:

  • Individual Coverage HRAs
  • Non-Employer Sponsored Premium (Must be paired with ICHRA)
  • Healthcare FSA (Must be paired with ICHRA)
  • Dependent Care FSA

What TASC offers
Smart Participant Experiences
Benefit balances and Information is transparent and accessible, via the website, mobile app, online chat, or phone.

Seamless Benefit Connection
No matter how many accounts are utilized, it’s one card, one mobile app, one phone number to call with questions.

Security and Confidence
The TASC Card will never be declined, and our compliance services offer a money back and audit guarantee.

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